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Barcelona Daybed Inspired by MIES VAN DER ROHE



Form and function come together timelessly.

Some designs are so right that you almost don’t notice their genius at first glance. Our stylish and elegant Barcelona Day Bed is one such piece. The work of Bauhaus director Mies Van Rowe and created in 1929, it is beautifully proportioned but also finely detailed. We could spend hours just looking at the quilting of the leather and the balance of the stainless steel frame. But this is not a design icon that skimps on function. The Barcelona Day Bed is supremely comfortable with deep cushioning and a head roll that is not only boldly shaped but superbly supportive

Our high quality reproduction can be ordered in a wide variety of colours in fine Italian leather, mounted on a solid beech frame in a walnut or black finish.

Barcelona Ottoman Inspired by MIES VAN DER ROHE



A simple ottoman and an almost-perfect design.

The Barcelona style was created by Bauhaus director Mies Van der Rohe for the International Exposition of 1929, held in the eponymous city. As the King and Queen of Spain toured the German Pavilion, this ottoman and its matching chair were provided as somewhere to pause and talk for a while. Van Der Rohe later fled Germany to escape the Nazis – and this ottoman and his other designs became widely-recognised classics. Timeless and sophisticated, the quilted leather and perfectly proportioned stainless steel frames of the Barcelona range became a byword for contemporary elegance.

Pash’s reproduction Ball is made to the highest standards and, with multiple shell and interior colour combinations available, will harmonise with the décor of any room.

DAW Chair Inspired by EAMES


Available in a wide variety of colours.

Eames inspired DAW chair, designed in 1948. The fundamental design of this dining chair (it comes in several models/versions) was the winning entry in the 1948 New York Museum of Modern Art’s international ‘low cost furniture design competition’. In creating the design, Eames made effective use of groundbreaking processes and new materials and in the 1950’s it went on to be the first mass produced plastic chair. It remains to this day an iconic piece that defines an era yet still remains timeless

Durable enough to withstand considerable punishment in the form of day to day knocks and bangs. This makes it an ideal family chair where kids and teenagers are concerned.

DSW Chair Inspired by EAMES


Old and new materials in harmony.

A variant on the Eames DAR – the world’s first plastic, mass-produced chair designed for a 1948 competition to create low cost furniture. Doesn’t sound that promising, does it? Yet the Eames DSW chair is an absolute delight. Nicknamed the “Eiffel” because of the resemblance of its metal frame to the Paris landmark, it makes joyous use of bright, bold plastics.

However, the DSW departs from the original design by substituting wood for key elements of the original all-steel frame, creating a unique mix of traditional and modern materials. Like other DAR-derived chairs, the result is a piece that that you can use comfortably for hours at a time, whether as an occasional chair or as hardwearing, everyday seating in your home or office.

EA108 Wool Office Chair Inspired by EAMES


Charles Eames Office Thin Pad Ribbed Wool chair is extreme comfort at work. It supports your back so appropriately that one cannot complain of any back problem due to heavy and stressful work. The ethically designed seats of the chair are so comfortable with the piece of leather and two pieces of aluminum side ribs and stretched the upholstery tautly around each end of the frame. The result is an extremely comfy and incredibly stylish chair at reasonable prices.

With the fact that the design of the chair has come along a long span of time, it is commendable for the inventor to have thought about the wonderful sleek design. Charles Eames blessed the future generation with the art of its own type. He together with his wife Ray is responsible for many iconic designs of the last century, including these classic inspired Eames office chairs.




Bright and bold, lines and spheres all mixed together to create modern cool.

Some designs are so right that upon first glance you do not notice just how special they are. The Eames Hang It All Coat Rack is one such item. The colours, the parallel lines, the simplistic design all come together to create what some might call a work of art. From whichever angle you look at it, it’s symmetrical lines and evenly spaced coloured spheres look great.

When Charles and Ray Eames designed this coat hook they wanted to inject colour, life and enjoyment into what is normally considered quite a boring necessity. Here at Pash we think they have done just that!

Eames Inspired Lounge Chair and Ottoman



Mid-century modern but an old favourite too

A perfect contradiction – the Eames Lounge Chair was designed as an update of the traditional, English club chair using unashamedly modern and luxurious materials. The result, recognised as an instant classic on its 1956 unveiling, is something that is at once both sophisticated and contemporary yet also familiar and timeless. Charles Eames described it as having “the warm, receptive look of a well-used first baseman’s mitt.” You don’t have to be a baseball fan to understand what he means the first time that you sink into the seat.

Made of moulded plywood over an aluminium frame with soft, high quality leather, the Lounge Chair – and its perfectly judged, matching Ottoman – becomes an old friend the moment it first enters your home.

Tolix Chair Inspired by XAVIER PAUCHARD



Add a bit of bistro chic to any room.

The Xavier Pauchard inspired metal chair is a true archetype of Gallic bistro-chic. This reproduction Tolix chair is made with a robust steel frame with full framed backrest which adds extra support. Available in several attractive lacquered finishes.

25 chairs can be stacked. This helps make the chair a firm favourite with French bistros, restaurants, and even offices, schools and hospitals.

No assembly required.

Wire Side Chair Insipired HARRY BERTOIA



Mainly made of air, you will be hard pressed to find another chair that enhances your space as much as this does.

This high quality reproduction Wire Side Chair is manufactured with a chromed steel lattice frame and completed with a leather seat pad

Stylish, minimal design but hugely practical.