Reclaimed industrial scaffold board and pipe garden tressle table and matching benches

At Wings we LOVE old Scaffold boards……they are possibly our favourite material to work with!


Once scaffold boards have been notched or start to split, they are no longer allowed to be used by Scaffold companies……but that is when they are just getting interesting to us! The more stories they tell; the more we like to uncover them!


Scaffold boards can be beautiful. We initially sand them to get the worse of the dirt and grime off, and then you would be amazed at what we see. The wood can be extraordinary and different every time; both through the natural structure of the wood and the bumps, scrapes and cuts it has received during it’s working life!


As well as these aesthetic characters, there are other excellent qualities to Scaffold board furniture. The boards are well seasoned, highly durable, come in several different thicknesses and take an unlimited number of finishes. We can leave the ends on for a real industrial feel, or we can stain and finish to match your décor to a tee!


And best of all – every piece of furniture is unique.


We can make pretty much anything you want using this amazing wood, but thus far we have made one off table and bench sets for people’s homes or gardens, beautiful coffee tables in all different shapes and sizes as well as doing large scale fit outs for funky restaurants.


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